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Vega Jewel
Company Profile
Vega JewelDiam Lvt Ltd

Jitendra Shah
Girish Shah
Samkit Shah
Deepak Patel


Group Chairman
Executive Director
President - Manufacturing 

Nature of Business :

Vega Jeweldiam Pvt. Ltd., today is a blend of Trading and Manufacturing business in the Diamond Industry with its presence in Mumbai and Surat.

Customers :

We primarily cater to the Manufacturers of jewellery and the Jewellery Retailers across India, China and Taiwan.

Special Services Provided By Company To Their Regular Clients:

We run a lot of programme based business model for Hearts & Arrows and special cuts to provide a consistent supply of diamonds with premium quality of cut to jewellers for long term association.

Hearts and Arrows  85% of our production of 30 pointers and above is made into Hearts and Arrows cut to serve our customers with a premium quality product.

Special Cuts  Developing our resource to manufacture only the best, apart from the regular 58 facets diamond, Vega Jeweldiam also specialises in cutting special stones for exclusive client programmes across the worlds the world.


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