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We have a complete in-house manufacturing facility with more than 150 associates comprising skilled artisans along with a lot of technology investment with in-house diamond manufacturing software and most advance diamond cutting and polishing machine to ensure high quality output consistently.

Hearts and arrows are round brilliant diamonds with special pattern which is visible under specific light condition. Hearts and arrows consist of eight arrows when viewed from the top side and eight hearts when viewed from pavilion side. This is a special pattern because there is high degree of symmetry perfection and limited combination sets.

The Hearts:

The Arrows:

Above picture shows us the eight equally shaped hearts of a diamond. Ideally the heart shape repeats itself in a multiple of 22.5.

There are eight arrows and shaft on the top side. The arrow head is seen through the bezel facet which reaches the girdle and line up with the shaft. The arrow heads and shaft should be symmetrical and equally shaped. All the arrows are seen from the direction perpendicular to the table and they should be visible clearly at the same time. All the shafts should touch or nearly touch each other at the base, near the center of the brilliant. The main crown angle, length of the crown halves, pavilion angle and size of the table influence the appearance of arrows.


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