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Vega Jewel
Our Vision
Vega Jeweldiam Pvt. Ltd.

Core Purpose

To make people feel special and enhance their status in the society.

Core Values

Team VEGA strives to conduct its business with full integrity
“Upholding our reputation is paramount as we are judged by how we act. We are committed to be truthful in all our actions. We strive to be honest and forthright with all one another. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and behave in the way that earn the trust of others."

1. We will earn confidence and trust through principled leadership, fairness and humility at all times. Through principled leadership, we will build up young leader’s team who will retain trust and fairness forever.
2. We believe in integrity of thought and action and adhere to the VEGA code of conduct and will ensure its implementation smoothly and timely and with accuracy by adopting best protocol practice.
3. We believe in building a spirit of trust with all our stakeholders. We will work in team spirit to ensure best quality, timely support and delivery and will earn stakeholders’ confidence to retain endless relationship with us.
4. We will speak up if something conflicts with the values of the company.
5. We will have the courage to stand up against wrong practice protocol and ensure to make the things in a right way.

Team VEGA has a Customer Oriented Approach
“We believe that the Customer is the reason for our existence and the only guarantee to our future. Everything we do must delight out Customer, each time and always”.

1. We will demonstrate a proactive “Customer First” and “Customer Delight” mindset consistently
2. We will act at all times in a way to ensure VEGA remains the first choice for our Customers.
3. We will actively listen to Customer inputs to improve our product, service and customer experience.
4. We will work proactively and go the extra mile to perpetually nurture and grow all our Customer relationships.
5. To delight our end-Customer best, we will serve the Internal Customers equally well

Team VEGA follows a Culture of Togetherness
“Whatever the strength of the individual, we will accomplish more together. We put the team ahead of our personal success and commit to building its capability. We trust each other to deliver on our respective obligations”.

1. 'Team Vega' comes before me, always and every time.
2. We collaborate & communicate seamlessly, seeking and offering help as "One Team for One Vision".
3. We take accountability for our own actions and also that of our team.
4. We recognize and acknowledge the contribution of other colleagues and celebrate wins as a team.
5. We look beyond our own immediate roles and take ownership of the larger outcome.

Team VEGA strives for Excellence in every dimension
“We are committed to Excellence in spirit and actions. We believe everything that we do and everything that we think can always get better. We see all our activities in terms of higher purpose and ideals, which drives our quest for excellence, always.”

1. We believe in Excellence in everything we think, say and do.
2. We will not create, accept or pass on anything that is mediocre.
3. We will accept responsibility – learn and improve, and not rationalize and explain, using Plan-Do-Check-Act principle
4. We will hold each other accountable to delivering Excellence.
5. We will always be “Outside-In” and raise the bar of Excellence, learning from external benchmarks globally.

Team VEGA belives in Data Based Decision Making
“We are committed to make the best decision for the company based on facts and relevant data backed by our inner confidence."

1. We believe in taking timely decisions in the interest of the company.
2. We will work to accumulate the relevant information required to support a correct decision for the situation.
3. We will refrain from taking decision which is only based on a gut feel.
4. We will spend quality time to analyze the data in order to take a sound decision for the company
5. We will strive to capture all the actions taken into data for helping us to use the trend in order to take a better decision.


To be the Tata’s of the Diamond Industry thereby become a $750 Million organization by 2025 (2015).


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